From 2013 to 2017, I founded and maintained a dedicated water logistics department for the Burning Man organization. This update saw a total redesign of all tracking and field data systems, as well as re-training all staff to implement these tools. In addition to streamlining event operations, these efforts produced the organization's first Civic Water Program — a new revenue stream and safe, convenient option for participants to have potable water delivered to the event site.

From July through October, I relocated to remote northwestern Nevada to test, deploy, and review all hardware and systems for the duration of the event cycle. I worked closely with event organizers, third-party vendors, and state and local health officials to develop efficient protocol given this uniquely harsh environment. During the 70,000-participant event, we staffed a full-time office to handle all public accounts, and delivered more than 90,000 potable gallons weekly. Our department worked through frequent severe weather events, in physically taxing conditions, and learned to interface professionally with an often heat-stressed public. Members of this team subsequently applied these experiences in humanitarian and disaster settings.


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