California-based AquaShares applies financial technology to help water authorities solve their tragedy of the commons with the world’s first online water savings market platform. Our proven market design process, streamlined allocation service, and web-enabled market operation together help agencies replenish local supplies by empowering farms, firms, and families to trade the water they save. AquaShares ensures environmental resilience, social equity for current and future generations, and economic efficiency for water users seeking flexibility for personal and business needs. We do so by adapting 10,000 years of perspective in how durable cultures have turned conflict into cooperation and scarcity into abundance.

Our current markets span from California to the Middle East.


As frontend developer for AquaShares, I ensure all aspects of the interface experience flow smoothly. This includes user research, custom design solutions, and geospatial analysis.


* This service is still in development, please contact for related work samples.